Visiting the Rainforest

Life in the Tropics

ocean_and_rocksHana is a largely unspoiled pristine environment, home to verdant pastures, lush rain forests and magnificent waterfalls.  All of this beauty would not be possible without the abundant rainfall year round. Almost every day sees a couple of showers, which keep the plants lush and feed the spectacular waterfalls.   The winter months (October to February) tend to be the “rainy season” though storms can come through at any time of year.  There is nothing more beautiful than the rain forest in the rain.

blue_fallsThe lush foliage and tropical climate also support abundant insect and animal life.  You will awaken in the morning to the symphony of birds and the busy chatter of the myna birds. Malanai is located in a sun belt and is surrounded by Hana Ranch pasturelands, which means fewer mosquitoes and insects than the more forested areas of Hana. Nonetheless- as with all tropical places- you should bring your favorite mosquito repellant to apply on your outdoor adventures and at dusk when the mosquitoes are most active.  The exterior of our property is regularly serviced for insect pest control, and every effort is made to keep the cottages free of pests.  Please do not leave food out on the counters as it will attract uninvited visitors such as ants and other unwanted critters.

Hana, as with all the Hawaiian Islands, is also home to the famous “Hawaiian Gecko.”  Geckos are small harmless lizards that live in the plants and trees. They also like to move inside.  Geckos are the only lizards that are able to make clicking sounds and their name is a direct imitation of their nightly chatter.  Though they may take a little getting used to if you are new to tropical locations, they are perfectly harmless and are great for insect patrol.  Many visitors like to give them names as you get more acquainted with them.

Hawai’i is very lucky to have no snakes or other threateningly poisonous or dangerous insects, reptiles or animals.